Using e-mails with your own domain is much more handy plus it'll provide you with more trustworthiness as a company if you get in touch with partners. Such an e-mail address also looks better in case a visitor on your site contacts you through a feedback form and you want to answer back. How effortless it will be to manage your email correspondence is usually as vital as the quality of the service, as some web hosting Control Panels make it quite challenging and time-consuming to perform simple tasks such as providing anti-spam security or forwarding your email messages. For this reason, you should use an e-mail service that will allow you to access everything without delay and that will make the management of your e-mail messages quick and easy.
Antivirus Protection Shared Hosting
Our in-house made Hepsia website hosting Control Panel, which comes with each and every web hosting package that we supply, was made to make everything painless even for people who have never had a site or an email address before. It has an advanced, yet very easy to work with Email Manager tool where you're able to access any attribute you need with just several clicks. With fast access buttons and right-click context menus you'll be able to do nearly anything - set up or delete a mailbox, forward all your messages to another email address, enable SPF and / or anti-spam protection, set-up a catch-all mailbox, and many other things. Webmail access and downloadable auto-configuration files for the most used e-mail clients (Apple Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird) are available in the Email Manager area of Hepsia.
Antivirus Protection in Semi-dedicated Servers
If you have a semi-dedicated server through our company, you will be able to create a large number of mailboxes with each domain that you host in the account and manage them effortlessly by using the feature-rich Email Manager, which is part of the Hepsia website hosting Control Panel. With as little as two clicks you'll be able to set a particular mailbox to be a catch-all one, set up anti-spam protection and / or forward all of the incoming e-mails from one email address to an alternative one. For more advanced users, there're also SPF Protection and Mailing Lists tabs. With the Email Manager, you can also access the webmail for any mailbox, by clicking on it or you can download auto-setup files for Apple Mail, Outlook or other popular e-mail applications for PCs. If you do not have a lot of experience, comprehensive help articles will give you additional information about every function of the Email Manager even though the tool is quite intuitive to use.