In the Hospitality Hosting control panel you’ll find an easy to navigate site creator that you can use to generate a brand new, stylish site yourself. It’s really simple and easy to master, even if you aren’t technologically experienced. The tool has quite a lot of site themes available in a plethora of color configurations that you can edit in line with your liking. And to top it all off, your site will appear excellent on phones, tablets and desktops!

The site creator is present with all web hosting service, VPS hosting service, Linux semi-dedicated hosting service, and dedicated servers packages which are pre–loaded with the Hospitality Hosting Web Hosting Control Panel.

An easy–to–use site creator

No coding know–how is necessary

The site creator included in the Hospitality Hosting interface is truly easy to use. It allows you to construct your own unique website with simple point–n–click commands. You will not have to be versed in HTML, CSS or other programming language. If you have already used an app or simply a text editing application, you’ll know how to utilize the site creator.

Via the tool’s dashboard, you can move around page components as you wish and customize their style with a click. Apart from that, you can include images, videos, and even your own forum, etc. in an instant.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

An array of easy–to–re–design templates

Amazing website themes that look perfect on every device

To build an eye–pleasing site, you’ll need to create a good infrastructure. That is why, the Hospitality Hosting’s site creator has a vast set of different website templates, applicable to any kind of site – personal pages, ecommerce stores, discussion forums, etc.

Each design theme is easy–to–redesign, with a number of designs, different color configurations and built–in support for more than 100 web fonts. And you could change every one of these settings with a click. And to top it all off, if at any time you want to switch your theme and pick a different one, all customizations you’ve made will be moved over automatically.

An array of easy–to–re–design templates

Integrated helpdesk and how–to video tutorials

Check out how quick & easy it actually is to create an online presence

In case you want any sort of help working with the Hospitality Hosting’s site creator, there are lots of step–by–step articles and video tutorials that cover the most commonly asked questions.

With them, you can check out just how to edit your existing template, how to add new web pages to a website or even how to install a forum.

And if you can’t locate the info you need in there, you can reach out to us. We are available to you 24/7/365 and we reply to all tickets in less than 1 hour, guaranteed.

Video Tutorials